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Bonny Neiman

"In love with this treasure hunt and the
creative people I meet along the way.
My store in Summit, NJ is full of ever
changing inventory of vintage, antique,
handmade and new upholstered
furniture presented in room settings
for today's eclectic and stylish home"

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Together in the fields of Texas
in 100 degrees, Bonny with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.




As seen in Elle Décor

Thank you for the shout out
New Jersey monthly magazine



Shopping with Rachel Ashwell
of Shabby Chic fame


A special visitor at the
shop....Miles Redd


He puts Summit on the map....
super talented Frank Delledonne


In the field with Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.


'The Intern'
Look for my items in the new
Nancy Meyers film
starring Robert De Niro and
Anne Hathaway


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Texas round up of Round Top!!

Well I'm back from 11 days of traipsing the Texas countryside in Round Top!! YEEEEHAA!! Those Texans are a fun group!!!  My husband, Roger, dear friend Nan and I had a blast, weathered 98 degree temperatures, extreme humidity, fire ants and after careful selection am anticipating an outstanding shipment of one of a kind goods. What makes this trip so different from the others is the colorful friendly people we meet. Always ready to share experiences, they are great storytellers and make each day a social event.

I always learn so much when I go on the road and the lesson in this area is NEVER take yourself too seriously!

This town originally settled by Germans in the early 1800's is REALLY small but during flea market time swells to the thousands.
The show is over thirty years old and quickly became the social event it is today.

Although I was told there are no bears in Texas they DO however stuff any animal.  I will spare you the picture of the fawn, the squirrel on a gold pillow and the armadillo!

Roger had the warmest reception from his friend, Jeff, the barbecue smokin' king  of Warrenton. You may recall I reported last time that even though we travel several miles up and down the highway Roger always lunches at Lone Star Barbeque!!  Jeff holds court in his mismatched cowboy boots and told Roger when it's not flea market time "I'm just a white speck on the side of the road" !
He certainly comes alive twice a year!

Nan and I showed up without Roger one day and Jeff let him know it...
View video here

We quickly found out why we saw so many of these colorful bags around each booth!  The red ants were angry from all the rain previously and there were thousands of them everywhere. They quickly ran up your ankles in droves and feverishly were biting!  Nan stepped on a nest and while Roger was handing me something over a fence was dancing as they were attacking him, too!

I was on the hunt for a beautiful bust but felt this was a little big for a console table.

Bumped into Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper on the first day. She was a sweetie and we had fun with Chip and the kids too later in the week.

I don't know why they make me do these things and I just do them!!

We dined with Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame who owns a local event space for weddings, etc and has charming cottage chic style lodging on site.

This is the best part .....chatting with the old timers who bring out their treasures for sale. This vendor called himself The Antique Cowboy and said "I've been there, done that, bow-legged"! He was such a dear man, but don't be fooled he was shrewd....LOVED HIM!!!   They sold lots of guns which, as you know, is acceptable in Texas and it was a little different for me to see many buyers throughout the show testing their aim with long rifles and handguns! Whoa!

People go all out with their displays...this was an entrance to a clothing tent.  There is a crystal chandelier inside the tree house.

I love Americana especially in patriotic Texas!!

        They stuff everything!     

Can't say I bought these wine carriers but the Round Top dealers are famous for will never see more cowboy boots for resale than at this show.  Nan kept buying was comical. PS at the airport we were those people with our bags wide open at the check in desk because Nan's bag was once again over the 50 pound weight limit. Even though she sent so much stuff home with the antiques she was still stuffing all her boots in my bag!!

Lots of old trucks in Texas!

The coffee bug had espresso!! In a converted Volkswagen this kind soul travels to Granny McCormicks Yard twice a year and rivals Starbucks with his coffee creations and smoothies!!

I just love getting Rog all the local delicacies. Creamed corn and Parmesan on top of Fritos!! How do you like that??? A great afternoon snack for him!

Enjoying pie at Royers Restaurant is always a unique and fun experience!

Campers, campers everywhere!!! One more adorable than the next.  One gal had about 8 fully decorated campers in various colors and themes FOR SALE!  We so enjoy the creativity in Round Top but not just in their products. The ideas they have for a business and how they take it to such a level.....creative people are amazing!!


I got so many great ideas from my Texan friends....whaddya think?

BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS everywhere you looked!!

At the end of each day we are greeted at the warehouse by the local herd...

A special treat was bumping into designer and author, Mary Emmerling, upper East Sider and Sagaponack resident famous for shaping American home furnishings in the 1980's. Said to have given Martha Stewart her first job she was the tireless editor of the successful Country Home magazine in the 80's, published at least 25 books and is still writing.  She was a true delight and was humbled by our attention.
A side was so flipping hot I resorted to wearing my lounging shorts and a 25 year old t-shirt I usually am never seen in outside the house. The sweat and grime can not be described and I don't know how anyone could have worn long pants.  The normal female attire was, shorts, cowboy boots and a gauzy shirt!

Taking a break at an old store counter with oak swivel chairs...LOVED IT!!

This gal had a broken footed chair so told me "I just poured some concrete in an old pair of boots and here you have it!!"

Nan and I found ourselves without a car one day and hitchhiked to happy hour....these 3 Texan gals gave us a ride on their way home from the show.  Thanks girls!!

Showing off my new lizard skin boots to cute friendly shoppers.

We took the ride from the parking area and had an impromptu tour of Marburger Farm on our way to the gate. Lots of fringe....notice her boots!

We call this "crack corn" because it's addictive as crack! No wonder they hand out taste and you have to get the giant bag of caramel corn.

LOTS of ruffles in Texas!

Local police on horseback!

  Nan has her new rattlesnake boots on!!! "Which pair is that Nan, number 3 or 4??" Each day yielded impromptu events you just couldn't plan.  Laughed so hard I cried! I shared just a fraction of them here with you and will show you the special place we stayed in my next email blog . The best news is the new artisans I met yielded great finds of exceptional pieces.
 I have also been remiss in updating the website but you will be happy to know new items have been added. Not everything is pictured on the site which is why most of you are enjoying seeing the current arrivals on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.  Come on people....stay in the know and sign up so you can see the new finds.  Some items sell right from INSTAGRAM ....IT'S EASY!!!!! Email me for details.

Also visit us at the 7500 sq. foot warehouse in Summit....New Arrivals Daily . Hours are Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30.
   Best regards and many thanks for your comments xoxoxox


Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
315 B Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ