When the buds start sprouting and you walk outside and hear birds chirping you can understand the saying " a young man's heart turns to thoughts of fancy" .
Nothing like the bright spring sunshine to make you feel rejuvenated and light hearted ......don't you agree? It also reminds me of getting on the window washer's schedule (not so romantic) AND a great time to think of the curtains you have been meaning to order.  Many of you are enjoying your ready-made window treatments from the terrific company I represent and I wanted to let you know they have added more color choices. I was surprised when I had a custom size order that the price was still VERY AFFORDABLE.    Enjoy the inspiration pictures from my favorite blogs then see the fabrics below.  For those of you not close enough to come into the store I will be happy to send you a fabric sample or two.

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These linen curtain panels above add texture to the delicate settee.  (I can also supply cowhide rugs in every natural and dyed color)

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Red silk adds drama to this modern bedroom.  The rustic wood adds warmth.....
a nice contrast.

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Olive colored silk panels here.....also notice the chairs are painted and table is traditional mahogany which many of you have inherited and stress over thinking you have to purchase mahogany chairs that you don't love.....

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Traditional European style with silk....

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LOVE this kitchen and the linen panels here...

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This picture is the actual silk panel available using the traditional rod  pocket....I have these hung in the store using clip rings which is a trendier look...

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Above are the many colors available in 100% linen panels, fully lined in cotton.

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The 100% Dupioni silk are double lined to give the nice fullness we like.  It was very hard to get an accurate photo of the silk colors as the lighting does crazy things with the shine of the silk.  The blue is much lighter than it appears above and I feel will be a favorite of yours, just email me for a sample.....

100% Dupioni silk, lined and interlined
50"wide x 96" long-$175.00 ea.
50"wide x 108"long-$195.00 ea.

100% Linen, cotton lined
50"wide x 96"long-$130.00 ea.
50"wide x 108" long-$145.00 ea.

Each panel has a 4 inch rod pocket with a 2 inch header and can easily be hung with rings also. Custom sizing available.

Please EMAIL me  for information, delivery is available everywhere.

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And now for the Sunday Night Sale items!  A pair of original 19th century French  interior boudoir prints with original grey silk mat and important lemon gilt frames...16 3/4 x 12. Retail price $545.00 pair
The first person to EMAIL ME can have these for $175.00 for the pair.

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EMAIL ME to purchase these for $175.00 for the pair....(buyer pays shipping).

I also would like to report many of you all over the country are enjoying the very affordable delivery options I have cultivated; email me for a quote.  I must apologize to the followers from Australia as I haven't perfected an economical method of transport to you yet.  ENJOY SPRINGTIME!!


Warmest regards,


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