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Bonny Neiman

"In love with this treasure hunt and the
creative people I meet along the way.
My store in Summit, NJ is full of ever
changing inventory of vintage, antique,
handmade and new upholstered
furniture presented in room settings
for today's eclectic and stylish home"

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Together in the fields of Texas
in 100 degrees, Bonny with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.




As seen in Elle Décor

Thank you for the shout out
New Jersey monthly magazine



Shopping with Rachel Ashwell
of Shabby Chic fame


A special visitor at the
shop....Miles Redd


He puts Summit on the map....
super talented Frank Delledonne


In the field with Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.


'The Intern'
Look for my items in the new
Nancy Meyers film
starring Robert De Niro and
Anne Hathaway


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 I am so lucky to have a shop in Summit, NJ .  Everything you could possibly want in your community is here. Beautiful homes, great schools, an active downtown with wonderful restaurants and stores and that's not all.  Aside from loving to go to work each day because our customers are wonderful, Summit has an ever rotating collection of public art.

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Every few weeks these unique public sculptures erected in the downtown area change to expose all residents to new art on a regular basis.  While you are shuttling your kids to practice or the tutor or their many activities they are gazing out the car window viewing inspirational artworks from our country's many talented artists. This opportunity is so very exciting to me.

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To gain an appreciation of creativity and art is a gift that will benefit each of us and our children forever. While we are encouraging our kids to get ahead for the job market we also are exposing them to a lifelong appreciation of art.  This appreciation is something to draw on forever and will ALWAYS be an available source of joy no matter what the economy.

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An all volunteer committee, Summit Public Art is solely funded through private donations and grants. No funding is provided by the city of Summit and they rely on the townspeople and their generous support to bring new inspiring art to the community in public places.

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After interviewing many artists from across the country and reviewing their plans and drawings a welcome tree sculpture will be permanently erected at the town's border. The Summit Public Art committee is currently seeking donations to fund this important vibrant tree sculpture to mark the entry of our wonderful community. If you would like to help please or drop your donation when you visit the store at 12 Beechwood Road.

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Another community announcement is about Karen Franklin who rescued my totally overgrown and out of control landscape this past Fall.  Karen worked side by side with my macho landscaper in designing and purchasing new plants and pruning and replanting ones I already had.

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I get totally overwhelmed when faced with all the gorgeous plants at a garden center and I didn't even have to go once.  With her eye on the budget Karen carefully designed and went to the nursery to handpick my plants and shrubs and managed the whole project. She sent regular emails updating the progress and we discussed decisions via email. I am thrilled with the clean, natural look of my landscaping and love the way it is maturing.

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She chose different textures and different shades of green to compliment the Rock walls and paths I have.

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Karen also creates beautiful containers and window boxes. If you would like to reach this talented Mt. Lakes  NJ resident you can email her at

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And now another great resource.....I noticed in some photos my kitchen floor had totally changed color.  When I stared at the photo I couldn't  believe I didn't notice it happening until I saw it in print.  It was totally limestone was even black in the tiny holes and divots I had once loved.  I so regretted choosing a wide joint as I was now criss crossed in black lines.  I called Stanley Steemer but they would not risk doing anything to stone so I called The Grout Guy.

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Brian, The Grout Guy worked on his hands and knees and in one day completely acid washed and sealed my stone floor. I was ecstatic!!  Before I hired him he warned me it could "damage" the stone by taking off the shine.  I assured him I LOVE antiques and the worn look of something naturally aged.  He reminded me of the fabricators who 15 years ago told me to NEVER get a marble kitchen island top because it would show wear and I would be unhappy.  I like the worn nature of natural stone and it doesn't bother me and I am once again in LOVE with my floor.

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It photographed a little yellow's really more white.  To contact Brian, The Grout Guy, you can call him in Chatham, NJ at 973-634-7384.         

Enjoy these terrific resources.  Both Karen and Brian could not have been more pleasant to deal with. 

I would also like to thank interior designer Phyllis Trevor Higgerson.  Phyllis made a point of visiting the store on Friday on her way down to a big barn sale in Virginia. She was on a road trip solo in hunt for terrific antiques all the way from Vermont!  Please check out her gorgeous website and blog here
(Henhurst Interiors Blog)

I was so very surprised to see her posting about her visit to Trouvaille as well as her trip south. Blogs provide such inspiration.

If you have any questions about this email or any of the new items on the website feel free to email me regarding delivery or extra info.  Thank you always for your support, I appreciate it very much.

Warmest regards,

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ
Monday-Saturday 10-5:30