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Bonny Neiman

"In love with this treasure hunt and the
creative people I meet along the way.
My store in Summit, NJ is full of ever
changing inventory of vintage, antique,
handmade and new upholstered
furniture presented in room settings
for today's eclectic and stylish home"

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Together in the fields of Texas
in 100 degrees, Bonny with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.




As seen in Elle Décor

Thank you for the shout out
New Jersey monthly magazine



Shopping with Rachel Ashwell
of Shabby Chic fame


A special visitor at the
shop....Miles Redd


He puts Summit on the map....
super talented Frank Delledonne


In the field with Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.


'The Intern'
Look for my items in the new
Nancy Meyers film
starring Robert De Niro and
Anne Hathaway


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It takes a village!
I feel very fortunate to have such a warm, funny, positive group of friends representing GreatHouse.  Arriving at our sun filled shop really feels like "going to the club" each day. We are a family and the exchange of laughter, experiences and ideas are rewards that I value greatly. We've all heard the adage "surround yourself with people smarter than you are" and it couldn't be more true than with this group.

Granted , we aren't splitting atoms,  but on a daily basis my life is enriched and made easier in one way or another by what we "bring to the table". I like sharing and thought you would like a few tips...

On the first day I met Suzanne I started calling her "The Countess". Suzanne has a regal air about her and gracefully floats around the store chatting and engaging customers and creating a cocktail party like atmosphere. She loves a party and was happy to share one of her favorite summer cocktail recipes ..

Summer Burst
1/2 oz. Ketel One vodka
1/2 oz. Captain Morgan rum
1/2 oz Bombay gin
1/2 oz Patron tequila
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz lime juice
1/4 oz fresh orange juice
Top with cranberry juice

Lauren is all about the LOVE and nurtures all of us. Her hugs make us feel like a kid again. Her easy warm personality is treasured at GreatHouse but also her keen attention to all the details. (All those orders!) She is a fantastic cook and I could write a whole blog on what she simply throws together in the kitchen but also an ace in coming up with her tried and true cleaning methods.

"I usually fly through the supermarket grabbing my repeats. When Lauren comes up with one of these cleaners I wonder if she strolls down the cleaning supplies aisle and thinks, "this looks good I think I'll try it" so she has it on hand just in case! Love that! I also reflect how I can enter a store filled with old junk and come out with a treasure but get overwhelmed at the food store and want to run out as quickly as possible.
Anyway the SHOUT Color Catcher she swears by for washing whites and darks together in the same load. The whites come out pristine! (Sounds like a great box to send with your college student)   She also said with all the beautiful dyes in clothing now, if you aren't sure if they will run,  just throw half a sheet in the washer on cold and sleep easy!
This other product, MR. CLEAN Magic Eraser, she introduced at the store when we had a dark mark on a porcelain vase. It looked like a small marshmallow, she wet it, rubbed and it was gone! The Magic Eraser works on any hard white surface and also tough cleaning jobs like your oven or cooktop!

Susan's motto is "life is not a practice run!" and boy does she abide by that to the fullest! Today for example she flew into the store after playing 18 holes of golf in 95 degree weather. As I'm writing this she is juggling updating the website while happily waiting on customers. Tonight after dinner she is meeting up with her paddle team to play pickle ball. Tomorrow after working out she's off to the PGA tournament and then it's "down the shore"! (And not to collapse on a beach chair either)  She's our Jersey shore gal, doesn't miss a weekend and has been going for 40 years! Susan shares her favorite dining and dancing spots at the beach....

Best place for lobster roll and FUN...Newly renovated Waypoint 622 in Brielle..on the water with live music and dancing on the weekends.
Best spot for sushi with outdoor seating ...Labrador Lounge in Normandy Beach
Excellent fresh fish (need reservation) Shipwreck Grill in Brielle

Want to eat at home?
Shore Fresh in Point Pleasant..... Order your lobster dinners early and pick up ready
Crab Shack in Mantaloking....clams and crabs by the dozen.

Delicious lobster roll from Waypoint 622...

We are all surprised Matt's head hasn't exploded yet with how much creativity is continually buzzing around in there. Super talented (and smart) he fills GreatHouse with his artistic perspective and bright personality....he sings while he works too so don't be surprised if, when you're shopping at GreatHouse , all of a sudden you think you've been transported to Broadway.
We narrowed him down to sharing tips for one design area of your home...
When STYLING A COCKTAIL TABLE there are a few basics to create a functional yet stylish piece...
Start with a tray to section the space and organize the functional items (remote control, books and magazines). Add a piece with a little height whether it's candlesticks , a plant or a sculpture. If you need some color the cocktail table is the perfect place to add a colorful bowl , small art on an easel or a box that pops. The final tip is choose an angle and stick with it for the whole table. This means if you want the tray on an angle everything you place on the table should be that same angle.

As you know I always like sharing a good deal and great find. When I was on a buying trip a young woman had taken the leap and just opened a shop and I wanted to buy something...the clothing selection wasn't my thing but at the checkout counter she had what she called 4 hour lipstick so I found a couple of shades and bought them. 

NOT KIDDING!!  It lasts 4 HOURS! It's called LipSense by SeneGence.....$25.00. It will not mark your wine glass or coffee cup either.  If you choose a darker color have a steady hand when applying although you can buy the corrector for smears . I LOVE this lipstick and will have a rep come to the store soon so, if you follow on Instagram, you will be Invited to the lipstick party!
That's it for now! Feel free to stop by and share your favorite tips or to pick our brains.....thanks for taking the time!

Plan on coming later today from 5-8 pm for some golf inspired fun ..... live music, mob dance, refreshments and stop by our photo station to capture your PGA memory or just to say HI!
  Warm regards,

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