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"In love with this treasure hunt and the
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My store in Summit, NJ is full of ever
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handmade and new upholstered
furniture presented in room settings
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Together in the fields of Texas
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Chip and Joanna Gaines
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Shopping with Rachel Ashwell
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A special visitor at the
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He puts Summit on the map....
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In the field with Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.


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ART SALE! And how to hang it!!


I always say if we didn't have guests over we would never get our artwork hung as sometimes banging that nail in the wall can be a little intimidating.  When I was single I would take the piece of art or architectural to my local hardware store and ask them what hook I should use .They would ask me what type of wall I had and I was clueless but by revealing the age of my home the proper hanger was purchased and they were never wrong!  Everything truly takes a village, right??

Nowadays, my husband "freelances" as I call it when I have been mentioning  (nagging) that I need the art hung and without even consulting me on placement , throws beautiful pieces up on the walls just because he likes to "get it done" without my careful (prolonged) input.  I'll walk into a room after coming back from errands and say, " wait! You didn't tell me you were hanging the art " and he'll say, "well, it's done".  My brother- in -law does the same thing...usually too high, right?   can't stand it!! Well, with a few pointers and a little planning we can get all your art off the floor tonight!

A great piece of art can transform a room from so so to spectacular!
First off let me say when framing art I have always indulged in good frames.  I like my customers to take the art home and hang it, not concern themselves with costly re-framing.  Always pick the frame for the piece not for the room.  If a frame is chosen to represent the work of art they will both together enhance the room like a piece of jewelry. I personally do not care for colored mats preferring whites, off whites and sometimes a light taupe.  I DO however swoon for an antique French blue mat and always preserve these.

Tip - For prints the mat should be about 2 1/2-3 inches on each side but you should always take into consideration the print or drawing itself.

The prominent piece in the picture above is the mirror and the 2 pair of abstracts have correctly been hung close to the chests.

Tip - Avoid the common mistake of thinking nothing should be in front of the art. The art should not float well above the accessories and furniture in this case but rather create an intimate vignette as shown above.

This was a challenge, above, to hang an uneven number of botanicals on a slanted wall. They correctly lined up the tops of the arts to follow the ceiling and then continued the line hanging the single drawing and then had that line up with the center of the starburst mirror over the bed.

Tip - when hanging art of different sizes around the room, pictures should be lined up by their center lines, not the top.

A series of prints can create a dramatic look and read as one artwork statement when framed in the same molding. Without furniture anchoring this series the height of the entire wall is most important.

Tip - when a series is free hanging the measurement of the height of the wall is very important. Also the space between them should be identical and be about 2 - 2 1/2 inches.

When the pieces used in a grouping vary in size the distance between them varies but should still have a consistent sense, like 3-4 inches between them on each side.  Leaning art, as on the mantle above, is a great look and also allows you to move pieces from one room to another.

Tip - arranging art on the floor first is very helpful .  The large piece usually is in the center and then work up and out focusing on balance and symmetry with each piece.

This modern series above, hung less than an inch apart, reads as one continuous artistic statement.

You can create drama and interest by hanging the art unconventionally as the designer Katja Vanderloo did above by hanging the nude oil painting in front of the curtains on the window frame. This is a beautiful look with the diffused light coming through from behind the piece.

Tip - A single piece of art or the main piece in a grouping should be hung at eye level.

Art can successfully be hung on patterned wallpaper as long as the pattern is not of the same scale or there's a nice size mat around the art.

A series of prints can make a big statement without your having to make a big investment.

I had to use my favorite vignette again (don't know where I originally found it). The prints are hung higher than the mirror but do not confuse the importance.  This mirror is THE most important piece in the vignette. I LOVE the modern benches contrasting with the very old pieces, too.

Tip - in a hallway hang art only on one side as it is unpleasant to try and view both sides and also closes in the space.

And now the fun part....A summer ART SALE!!!  Shown  below are beautiful pieces of art ALL MEDIUM SIZED I have available, offered to you with a never before discount of 30% and more. Please email me with questions. Sizes etc.

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1.  Vintage  abstract oil painting, signed from France
Originally $495.00  on sale for $350.00

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2.  Vintage oil on panel from France originally $395.00 on sale for $275.00

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3.  A vintage pen and ink still life originally $425.00 on sale for $285.00

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4.  A vintage print of  antique urns originally $245.00 ea. on sale for $95.00 each.  I have several of these depicting different urns.

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5.  A gorgeous 19th century oil on panel with the moon reflecting on the water originally $625.00 on sale for $438.00

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6.  Vintage ink drawing from France orig $575.00 on sale for $395.00

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7.  Modern acrylic impressionist landscape orig. $375.00 on sale for $262.00

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8.  Vintage black ink village orig. $275.00 on sale for $175.00

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9.  Lovely watercolor with sailboat....REALLY beautiful and peaceful scene from France orig. $395.00 on sale for $315.00.

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10.  19th Century oil on panel beautiful landscape newly framed in faux bamboo orig. 235.00 on sale for $160.00

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11.  Detailed vintage watercolor harbor scene orig. $545.00 on sale for $ 380.00

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12. Impressionist landscape by Rhode Island artist Alberto Pasquale orig. $675.00 on sale for $465.00

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13.  Beautiful vintage impressionist watercolor from the north of France, newly framed in burnished silver orig. 495.00 on sale for $325.00

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14.  19th century classical oil painting of sailboats in the harbor. France orig. $575.00 on sale for $402.00

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15.   19th century gilt framed watercolor from France of a French farm with haystacks. Orig. $245.00 on sale for $171.00

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16.   Vintage oil on panel of haystacks, France, orig. $395.00 on sale for $275.00

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17.   Vintage pen and ink wash impressionist still life orig. $275.00 on sale for $192.00

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18.  Vintage watercolor still life signed by French artist J. Moser orig. $595.00 on sale for $415.00

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19.  Vintage oil on panel European village from France orig. $545.00 on sale for $380.00

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20.  An original French business document, hand written and hand stamped orig. $145.00 ea. on sale for $101.00

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21.   Another  19th century hand written business document from France orig. $145.00 ea, this one is on sale for $65.00

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22.  19th century oil on panel in antique walnut Frame orig. $475.00 on sale for $332.00

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make inquiries by the number before each piece's description. And don't forget many of these pieces would look great on that difficult narrow wall, on an easel stand, on your book shelves or under a lamp and even in the powder room where attention is sometimes focused on a small wall and a nice piece of art will make a pleasant impact. There is some really nice art here and I would be happy to answer any questions or send details.

We are closed Sundays and Mondays in July and August.

Happy Summer Days!!

Warmest regards,


Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 




12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ

Summer Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30