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Bonny Neiman

"In love with this treasure hunt and the
creative people I meet along the way.
My store in Summit, NJ is full of ever
changing inventory of vintage, antique,
handmade and new upholstered
furniture presented in room settings
for today's eclectic and stylish home"

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Together in the fields of Texas
in 100 degrees, Bonny with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.




As seen in Elle Décor

Thank you for the shout out
New Jersey monthly magazine



Shopping with Rachel Ashwell
of Shabby Chic fame


A special visitor at the
shop....Miles Redd


He puts Summit on the map....
super talented Frank Delledonne


In the field with Joanna Gaines
from HGTV's Fixer Upper.


'The Intern'
Look for my items in the new
Nancy Meyers film
starring Robert De Niro and
Anne Hathaway


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A very special wedding 
Several months ago I was asked by my son's dearest friend, Michael, to host his, and his bride, Kristin's,  highly anticipated wedding day photo shoot. I'm always up for a new experience and, like most of you, I LOVE weddings. Why not?  I wish you could have seen my husband's face while I was receiving Mike's phone call.   Where's the photographer when you need one? Well everything was simple.  An orchestrated wedding day schedule down to the minute was emailed to all participants by the most organized bride to date!
 I have to say I was a little concerned when I received mine "bridesmaids arrive somewhere at 9:01am for their hair/makeup breakfast (all in matching pajamas), groomsmen go to another location at 11:12, to cut toenails, (I guess)." Kristin was far from a bridezilla beaming, happy and relaxed from the moment she arrived at my house.

The day in late November was a beautiful Saturday.

Her gown was just breathtaking with a delicate beaded wasteband....

Samantha, Mike's sister, a most attentive bridesmaid.

The whole experience, as I stood by in jeans, was REALLY fun.

On its way to becoming an heirloom, Kristin had her name and the date sewn into the hem of her dress.

The bride's sister, Chelsea and Samantha were so sweet with Kristin. It was a delight to have them all in my bedroom.
PS my Grandmother's chinoiserie secretary in the background.

For those of you, like me, who knew nothing of this I will explain. "THE REVEAL" is when the groom sees the bride for the first time. If you have a wedding in your future you will hear this word a bizillion times. Kristin and Mike's was so sweet!

How precious!

Loved this.....on her bouquet Kristin had vintage pins from both her grandmothers and Michael's.

Rog and I posed with Mike who has been "growing up" in our home for many years....

One of the flower girls taking a break...

The photographer, Anna Clark, did such a beautiful job.

The groomsmen and the rest of the bridesmaids all arrived and more pictures.

Joseph, on the left is the grooms brother and best man. Hannah, my son Ryan's girlfriend,  and my son, Adam stand by watching the outdoor photos before we all go and get dressed.

Adorable attempt at keeping warm....I love that Chelsea wore flats and looked as glamorous as Samantha! I can't imagine being able to wear flats and not feeling as though I was kneeling!!

Many shots were taken with Rog's car, White Lightning. Michael, the groom, was integral in updating Rog's 1955 Chevy pickup so, not only was it a cute prop, but meaningful to Michael. He would come to my house every Saturday for months and work in the unheated garage with Roger.  They are both dedicated grease monkeys and find nothing more fun than lying on a cold garage floor on their day off. (I'm glad I work Saturdays)

The reception was held at The Knoll Country Club in NJ and, was all the couple hoped it would be.

Kristin changed into a beautiful cocktail dress for their first dance.  A choreographed number to the "Time of My Life" song from Dirty Dancing looked most professional until Kristin tossed her bouquet and ran to Mike for the lift and he crashed her head right in the crystal drapes of the was one of those special moments that makes things real and fun when everyone, including the bride, comes out of it with a big smile.

The dance floor was packed all night. Roger usually rocks back and forth as I dance around him, snort!    Wow, he's REALLY breaking loose with his hands up in the air!!! CRAAAZY (for him, snort!!)

This beauty reminded me of the red carpet.

Her sleeves had a beautiful drape....gorg!

My groomsman sonny boy, Ryan and his beautiful girlfriend Hannah!

Me and my children ....son Ryan, girlfriend Hannah, me, son Adam and daughter Lane.

Sorry I don't have a complete family photo but everyone was invited!   husband Roger, me, my parents and my sister, Nicole.

The bride and groom's family added another happy event to the many fun times celebrated in my dining room.
PS I have been saying for years I have to change my window treatments from the striped silk. Truth is, I really love my bullion fringe but, really, I must update. It's the shoemaker's children without shoes story. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I was thrilled to host such a special event in my home and will hold the memories in my heart forever. Wishing Kristin and Mike a life full of love and joyful times.

Store update!! It looks as though I will be moving back to my renovated store soon.  It's a good time to stop by the warehouse to discuss the best deals on many pieces. COME VISIT!! It's a special 7500 sq. ft. space with a convenient parking lot!

CLICK HERE to go to the updated website!!

Not everything is pictured on the site which is why most of you are enjoying seeing the current arrivals on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.  Come on people....stay in the know and sign up so you can see the new finds.  Also we have daily flash sale specials we post only on social media! Some items sell right from INSTAGRAM ....IT'S EASY!!!!!

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